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PVC cards

In the current market PVC cards are available in almost any size, color, and thickness.

Printing PVC cards

In the current market PVC cards are available in almost any size, color, and thickness. To stay competitive in the market ofCR80 PVC cards printing it is important to offer your clients the latest technologies and possibilities to create an indelible impression. At Amica Systems we understand the needs and requirements of the current market. Therefore, we develop highly advanced printing machines, for CR80 cards, gift cards and phone card printing machines. As a PVC card printing manufacturer we stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. With this approach we can always deliver printing machines that will last for many years.

Advantages and possibilities of our PVC cards printing machines

The PVC cards printing machines of Amica Systems are characterized by the endless possibilities. In addition to the standard possibilities, such as printing variable data like barcodes, sequence numbering or color. Of course, our PVC cards printing machines can print any card quickly and accurate.

The PVC cards printing systems we manufacture are applicable for many purposes, such as, but not limited to printing bank cards, loyalty cards, gift cards and ID cards. The high quality prints are durable and can be of added value for almost any organization. With our security printing solutions, we can even deliver highly secured cards if needed with a wide variety of different UV inks.

Amica Systems is your partner for PVC cards printing machines

Interested in the possibilities of our printing machine solutions or do you want to know more about our PVC card printing devices? Get in touch with us now to discuss all the possibilities. Give us a call at +31 (0) 36 21 00 166 or send us an email at Our experts are ready to help you with a custom solution which fits your organization perfectly!

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