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NuviPRINT® is professional PDF RIP software, specially designed for processing, interpreting, and printing PDF files. It combines the advantages of our professional PostScript-based RIP software, ColorPRINT RIP, with the latest variable data printing technology as well as the native Adobe® PDF print engine (APPE).

Professional PDF RIP Software

  • Faster PDF RIP than PS-based workflows
  • Perfect interpreting of color PDF files with complex designs
  • PDF/ X and PDF/ VT standards supported
  • Adobe® PDF Print Engine (APPE)
  • User-friendly interface
  • Streamlined production workflow

User-friendly Interface

  • Simple, elegant, and modular user interface
  • Hides or unhides panels
  • Supports floating panel

Powerful Color Management

- ICC-based color management

- Spot color matching/ replacement

- Settings of white, varnish, and primer

- Spot color book

- Input and output curve edit

- Color proof/ replacement

Flexible Print Layout Control

- Setting of horizontal & vertical spacing

- Setting of element angle

- Template for every single page of a PDF file

- Template for Multi-page PDF files

Streamlined Production Workflow

NuviPRINT® PDF RIP workflow supports direct and seamless connection with subsequent Printer Control Software without the need for other software. It not only implements a streamlined approach, but makes predictable and high-quality output as well.

  • Faster RIP speed than PostScript-based print production workflows. It eliminates the need to convert PDF to PostScript. The overall processing efficiency of PDF/ X and PDF/ VT has been further optimized.
  • Accurate interpreting of PDF files by supporting more advanced and complex design features.
  • Real-time monitoring of the Hot Folder to automatically monitor and print.
  • Check and export of all/ part of the variable data in PDF files.


Built-in Adobe® PDF Print Engine (APPE)

The Adobe® PDF Print Engine (APPE) is Adobe®’s native RIP technology, using the same core Adobe® PDF technology as Adobe® Acrobat and Adobe® Creative Suite software. APPE-based NuviPRINT® software has the capability to interpret PDF files stably and accurately through optimized integration with the up-to-date APPE.

  • Uses Live Transparency to avoid flattening at the early stage of the workflow and render at the final output stage, along with all the other contents in the job.
  • Built to aid high-volume print operations. The overall handling of multi-page PDF files has been improved.
  • Combines the power of JDF for workflow automation with the strengths of Adobe® PDF for content definition.
  • Acquires high-quality job previews. It’s a vital part of any print workflow system. APPE uses the “Adobe® Common Renderer” (ACR) for both accurate job preview and final output rasterization, thus ensuring that what you see is indeed what you get.
  • Eliminates the need for early color conversion and special treatment for gradients from one spot color to another to ensure color accuracy and consistency.

Adobe® PDF Print Engine (APPE)

Supported Job Types
PDF/ X-1a, PDF/ X-3, PDF/ X-4, PDF/ VT

Output Files

Job Management
Delete/ Copy/ Paste Single Page of PDF;Reset Job Status

Template/ Element Layout; Page & Patch Settings of Color Book

Print Settings
Hot Folder; Send Job to PCS for Printing; Real-time Monitor and Print

Color Management
Spot Color (Library); Spot Color Match/ Replacement/ Edit;
Density Curve Edit; Input & Output Curve Edit; Color Proof/Replacement; Spot Color Book

RIP Settings
Color Depth, Ink Drops, Dithering; Color Modes (KCMY, Gray, WVP, Spot Color); White/ Varnish/ Primer Settings; Anti-aliasing; Advanced PDF Settings

Export Variable Data in PDF; Log

Direct Mail,Transpromo,License Plates,Transactional Printing,Labels & Packaging,Industrial Decorations,Commercial Printing,Card/ Ticket Printing,Lottery/ Bingo

The print industry has long recognized the advantages of Adobe® PDF. PDF usage has steadily risen, and is expected to increase. PDF/ VT standard is widely accepted now by the digital print industry due to supporting PDF files with variable data. NuviPRINT® supports PDF/ VT standard and enables users to meet the needs of personalized print jobs, variable data printing, and shorter print runs. 

Whether PDF files are black and white or color, and whether PDF files include static information or variable data, NuviPRINT® empowers users to print a variety of PDF files accurately and efficiently. NuviPRINT® is ideal for these industries, including labels & packaging, variable data printing, industrial decorations, direct-mail, and commercial printing.