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Amica PF25


  • Water-based or LED UV curable ink
  • CMYK; CMYK + White; Monochrome
  • Up to 290m2/ hr. or 240 sheets*/ hr.
  • 5m (98.4") print width


Dual- & Single-sheet Printing Modes Expand Applications

Dual-sheet printing mode enables to print two jobs simultaneously, boosting print productivity dramatically, for each sheet with a minimum size of 600mm × 600mm and a maximum size of 1200mm × 1350mm. In single-sheet mode, the PF25 printer enables to print on a large corrugated board up to the size of 2500mm × 4000mm.

Accurate and Exquisite Color Reproduction

- Amica's proprietary VDS (Variable Droplet Size) control technology combines the print head control of 1 to 2 levels of ink droplet sizes.

- Amica's high density white ink can be applied as a base printed on brown or other non-white color corrugated materials.

- PF25 enables to print spot colors with 4 process inks or spot inks to meet stringent brand requirements while printing corporate logos and recognizing colors.


Advanced Degas System Achieves Reliable Printing

Dissolved gases will inevitably accumulate in the ink as a result of repeatedly pressurizing and decompressing the piezoelectric crystal. The hollow fiber membrane degas system (only for water-based ink) of PF25 efficiently eliminates air bubbles for consistent and reliable print quality.


Variable Data Printing Creates Added Value Applications

The PF25 printer works seamlessly with MagicPage VDP software and supports monochrome or colorful variable data printing, including texts, numbers, time, serial numbers, QR codes, etc., which can be varied without stopping or slowing down the printing. Variable data printing helps you create added value applications and obtain more business opportunities for personalized packaging and display printing.


Automatic Vacuum Media Feeding Mechanism Helps Save Time and Cost

The PF25 printer offers automatic and accurate media feeding mechanism, which is covered by multiple vacuum belts and driven by servo motors, achieving effective suction of boards and precise belt motion control. The vacuum system is divided into eight independently controlled zones to position boards with varied dimensions.

The PF25 printer supports automatic feeding of boards within 1350mm length and 2500mm width to save labor and time at the same time. The operator loads a pile of corrugated boards onto the preload table, and the mechanism undertakes the rest, stacking the printed boards in the collector for easy removal with stacker.


Active Negative Pressure System

An Active Negative Pressure System with digital control pressure display gauges ensures high-quality printing at higher possible firing frequency of ink jet printing with industrial piezo print heads.


Print Head Maintenance Module

Based on an all-in-one design concept, the small and compact Print Head Maintenance Module allows automatic purging, wiping and capping, ensuring optimum performance with minimum print head deterioration.


Dual-roller Mechanism

The Dual-roller Mechanism presses sheet tightly to the table throughout the printing process to ensure it is flat for high quality printing.


Water-based or UV Curable Ink for Different Applications

The double-inlet bulk ink tanks with liquid level sensors are easily used for adding ink and alarming for the shortage of ink.

The PF25 printer supports water-based or UV curable ink for different applications. Amica's water-based inks, with saturated colors, surface durability and water resistance, are specially developed together with PF25 for efficient and vivid uncoated corrugated board printing. UV curable inks have advantages of excellent hardness, durability and water resistance, and enable high throughput on a range of coated and uncoated corrugated boards.

Print technology              

DOD piezoelectric, automatic voltage and temperature control

Print resolution   600 × 600dpi, 600 × 300dpi, 600 × 150dpi

Native drop volume    27-54pl with grayscale

Printable width   Up to 2500mm (98.4")

Print head maintenance 

Automatic Print Head Maintenance Module for purging, wiping and capping

Ink   Ink type Water-based or UV curable ink

Ink colors  5 ink channels; CMYK/ CMYK + White/ Monochrome

Ink tank volume  3L for each color

Media  Sheet-fed, Single-/ Dual-sheet mode

Media Type   Varies of uncoated and coated corrugated boards (white, brown, etc.)

Maximum size    

2500mm × 1350mm (98.4" × 53.1") (Automatic single-sheet feeding);

2500mm × 4000mm (98.4" × 157.5") (Manual single-sheet feeding);

1200mm × 1350mm (47.2" × 53.1") (Automatic dual-sheet feeding)

Minimum size  600mm × 600mm (23.6" × 23.6")

Thickness  2-20mm (0.08-0.79")

Piled weight  90kg (198.4lbs)

Productivity  CMYK/ Monochrome, 2 × 8 print heads, 600 × 300dpi: 290m²/ hr.  (3122ft²/ hr.);

                W + CMYK, 2 × 10 print heads, 600 × 300dpi: 145m²/ hr. (1561ft²/ hr.)

Connectivity  Fast Ethernet

Formats    Popular desktop file formats, including JPEG, TIFF, PDF, EPS and DCS

Dimensions  (W × D × H) 

4830mm × 4170mm × 2030mm (190.2" × 164.2" × 79.9") (Non-operating)

5830mm × 4980mm × 2030mm (229.5" × 196.1" × 79.9") (Operating)

Weight  1700kg

Operating Environment Temperature   16-28°C (61-82°F)

Relative humidity   40-60% (Recommended)

Altitude Up to 1000m (3281ft)

Power Requirements   Frequency 50-60Hz; Voltage 220V±10%; Power 7.0KW/ 32A

Corrugated packaging;

Retail ready packaging;

Corrugated displays;

Store displays, etc.

Software and User Interface   ColorPRINT RIP software; MagicPage VDP software;

Printer Control Software (PCS); Color LCD control panel