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Venus 108 with PWC

Packaging printing machines

Packaging printing is known to create the perfect and very black or CMYK high-quality images. The requirements of this is for good reason that packaging printing is used a lot for many purposes different packaging such as product packages, carton over boxes and individual carton packaging boxes.

To create these high quality variable data like EAN barcodes as well as images, a high quality packaging printing machine is necessary. At Amica Systems we manufacture many types of inkjet printing systems, such as packaging printing machines. Our machines are custom made modular solutions to provide added value and cost savings for your customers. 

Create striking images with our UV HD Black inks

The crisp and sharp images that can be printed with our inkjet packaging systems including the full automatic cleaning system (Purge, Wipe, Cap) make it possible to print any substrate with our HD Black UV inks. Operators will experience a very easy friendly usage of the system with our unique full automatic cleaning system, PWC, which protects the print head against scratches, dust and clogged nozzles. This technique makes it possible to print every print from the first to the last in the highest print quality.

Multiple advantages of packaging printing

In addition to very attractive total cost of ownership, packaging printing has even more advantages. The innovative software, user-friendliness of the systems, versatility and UV and scratch resistance are other advantages which make packaging printing a very suitable choice. If you really want to impress with your packaging materials, packaging & coding is the way to be ready for the future.

Your packaging printing machine manufactured by Amica Systems

As packaging printing is one of the best ways to be ready for the future, a packaging inkjet printing machine should tick all the boxes necessary for your organization. At Amica Systems we look forward to manufacture the perfect custom made system for you. Also, if you have any questions regarding our printing machines, we look forward to helping you. Get in touch with us below.