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LPS330 Label Press

The LPS330 printer is an innovative, versatile, and cost-effective UV-LED inkjet printer for short and medium run jobs. The highly engineered and compact design of the LPS330 printer integrates the functions required for packaging and specialty labels, industrial decorations, and variable data printing applications. 
UV inkjet technology means less material pre-treatment and less post-print coating work is needed compared with other technologies, such as flexography, gravure, screen printing, and water-based inkjet printing. The LPS330 printer will be the right choice for you to respond to the increasing demands for personalized and custom printing, and sample printing.

As an all-in-one printer, the LPS330 printer has all the tools you need to enter the world of digital printing. You will achieve impressive and professional results while handling short and medium run jobs quickly and efficiently. The LPS330 printer offers a wider range of printing solutions to you, and also provides just-in-time production to meet tight delivery time. 
Scanning and single-pass inkjet printing technology will be achieved on the same LPS330 printer. You will not only enjoy photographic image quality from scanning technology, but also obtain short run production speed from single-pass technology.

For table printing mode, the LPS330 printer uses scanning or single-pass inkjet printing technology on rigid substrates with the size of up to 1200 mm × 350 mm and the maximum thickness of 50 mm. Templates for special items, such as stationery, cards, gifts, and novelties, are supported.
Table printing mode:
• Maximum print zone:
1000 mm × 320 mm (Scanning)
1000 mm × 320 mm (Single-pass)
• Vacuum table size: 1200 mm × 350 mm

For roll-to-roll table printing mode, the LPS330 printer is the innovative combination of common scanning printing technology and web press technology. The LPS330 printer allows you to produce eye-catching, distinctive prints for a wide variety of applications.
Roll-to-roll table printing mode:
• Scanning printing for outstanding print quality
• Roll feeding page by page with the length of 1.000 mm
• Vacuum table size: 1.000 mm × 350 mm
• Maximum print width: 320 mm

For continuous printing mode, the LPS330 printer can use single-pass inkjet printing technology with a linear speed of up to 20 m/ min. only in black (monochrome) on pre-printed labels to print variable data (QR codes, sequence numbering 1D bar-code etc.).
Continuous printing mode:
• Single-pass printing available
• Continuous roll feeding
• Maximum print width: 320 mm
• Also for pre-die cut labels available with sensor

  • Labels
  • Packaging
  • Foils

NuviPRINT is professional RIP software designed and developed for industrial inkjet printing applications. NuviPRINT offers fast RIP speed, reliable & efficient job printing production, and streamlined workflow. Users can easily obtain smooth gradient, vivid images and sharp small size text with its advanced RIP technology. ICC color management workflow ensures vivid and brilliant colors. NuviPRINT is available in NuviPRINT PS and NuviPRINT Server to satisfy the demands of medium-scaled and large-scaled users respectively.

Creative Main Interface with Intuitive Preview 
Creative main interface enables users to easily lay out a single job with intuitive preview. And basic parameters can be set in the main interface, such as media type, quality settings, image size and image copies. You can also preview the image while editing.

Hot Folder
NuviPRINT Software automatically and constantly monitors the Hot Folder for incoming jobs. When you add a file to this folder, it will be added to NuviPRINT Software queue and processed with the printer properties' settings, such as media type, ink type, image size and quality settings.

Printing a Job from an Application
You can directly send jobs from any application to NuviPRINT Software to Rip and print, such as Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe InDesign® and CorelDRAW®.

Combine or Separate
Separation files are widely used in traditional printing industry. Combine/ Separate option enables you to directly process images through the color channels of process color inks, such as C, M, Y, K, white color, and spot colors that you select from spot color library.

Spot colors are premixed inks used instead of, or in addition to, process color (CMYK) inks. NuviPRINT Software allows you to process and print spot colors with or without spot color libraries.